Cello by Yael Rosenblum Ex-Harrell Montagnana, 2020

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A rare copy of Lynn Harrell's 1720 Domenico Montagnana Cello. A beautifully crafted instrument, it immediately stands out by the tasteful choice of wood. The sound is already fully developed and ready to be played in an orchestral, chamber music of soloist setting.
  • Maker
    Yael Rosenblum
  • Model
    Montagnana Ex Lynn Harrell
  • Year
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Yael Rosenblum
Montagnana Ex Lynn Harrell
montagnana turin lynn harrel

Yael Rosenblum

Previously a professional violinist and violist, Ms. Rosenblum graduated from the Jerusalem Arts and Science academy in 1996, and from the Stradivarius International Violin Making School with a Classic and Baroque specialisation in Cremona. For the past 20 years Ms. Rosenblum has been creating violin, viola and cello masterpieces in Cremona and Turin. Her instruments were chosen by principal players of the La Scala Symphony Orchestra in Milan, Israel Philharmonic Orchestra, Opera House in Florence, The American Ballet Theatre in New York, Santa Cecilia Symphony Orchestra in Rome, Quartetto di Cremona and for many other extraordinary musicians around the world. A special appreciation was pronounced by Maestro Zubin Mehta, saying that, unlike any other modern instrument, Yael Rosenblum's violins remind one the old Italian sound.

"Yael Rosenblum's violins remind one the old Italian sound."
Zubin Mehta
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Yael Rosenblum
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