Fine Contemporary Instruments

Violins, Violas & Cellos For sale at our London Showroom. Selected for their sound, playability & range of colours. Try them today!
Viola by Frantisek Küs, 2005
£ 15,000 GBP
Viola by Frantisek Küs, 2005
Antonio Stradivari Tuscan Medici 1690
Violin by Fiorella Anelli 2020
£ 13,000 GBP
Violin by Fiorella Anelli 2020
cremona Italy new red oil
Guarneri Del Gesù, "Le Duc" 1744
Violin by Lorenzo Cassi, 2021
£ 18,000 GBP
Violin by Lorenzo Cassi, 2021
italy cremona stradivarius new alcohol

Fine Violins, Violas and Cellos for Sale in London

MyLuthier - UK's Specialists in Fine Contemporary Instruments

MyLuthierwas started by two friends while studying at the Royal Academy of Music in London.
Our mission is to provide musicians with exceptional violins, violas & cellos at a price they can afford.
Our selection of musical instruments is aimed at serious students, amateurs as well as professional musicians and collectors!
We are proud to feature some of the world's greatest living makers in works that represent the best of the instrument making tradition.
Our collection includes stringed instruments & bows from Italy, UK, France and several other European countries. Every instrument was played and selected by a professional musician to ensure that they are of the highest calibre - both in sound and craftsmanship.
Every instrument is available for trial at our beautiful central London showroom.
Based in the vibrant Fidelio Café on Clerkenwell Road, you'll find a friendly and relaxed atmosphere, perfect for trying our exceptional contemporary instrument collection.