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About MyLuthier

How do you choose your instruments?

We travel the world in order to hand-pick the finest instruments we can find. We particularly focus on contemporary Italian violins as Italy is still the world's hub in violin making. Everything we have chosen and brought back to our showroom is selected based on sound, playability and craftsmanship. This means that all of our instruments are rigorously tested and approached from a musician’s perspective.

Without a doubt, contemporary instruments are one of the best options for today’s musicians.

Who are your most popular makers?

Popular Violin Makers:

We are very proud to partner with some of the most famous living violin makers to bring you a selection of violins, violas and cellos that represent the best of what MyLuthier has to offer:

Can I try your instruments in person?

Absolutely, we even encourage it!
Every violin, viola, cello & bow we have for sale is available for trial at our beautiful central London showroom. Based in the heart of the city of London, you'll find a friendly and relaxed atmosphere, perfect for trying our exceptional contemporary instrument collection.

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What are the benefits of a contemporary instrument?

High-quality contemporary violins, violas & cellos offer many benefits over antiques.
They are in perfect condition, so there is no need for restoration work. They are also easier to maintain, cheaper to insure and more reliable across different climates and storage conditions.

Additionally, there are many benefits to having a relationship with a living maker - from lifetime maintenance to guaranteed authenticity. This is important, as it ensures the quality of the instrument and protects your investment.

Many musicians are choosing to play on new violins these days and support today's violin making. Not only for their comparatively lower cost but also for the opportunity to acquire a beautiful piece of history! For this reason, new instruments from the best living violin makers are increasingly well-known throughout the world.

Played on by young soloists, chamber musicians and orchestral players, it’s this versatility that is making them universally liked among musicians and collectors.

Do you offer an authenticity guarantee?

When buying a violin, it is important to remember that you are buying more than just an instrument. You are buying a piece of violin making history that can appreciate in value over time.

We at MyLuthier are so confident in the quality of our instruments that we offer a lifetime authenticity guarantee on all new violins, violas and cellos. So if you ever have any problems with your instrument, simply contact us and we will take care of it for you.
We want to make sure that you are completely satisfied with your purchase!

I'm interested in your instruments but I don't live in London

If you don't live in London, that's not a problem at all! You will always be welcome to our showroom but our instruments are recorded in the highest fidelity possible so you can hear their true sound from the comfort of your home.
We also offer video appointments where we tell you more about our violins and even demonstrate them on video so you can gain insight in their playability and sound.

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What are your shipping and payment options?

We offer free international shipping and insurance. VAT and duties may apply depending on your country of residence.

We also accept a variety of payment methods and currencies. If you have any questions, please contact usbefore placing your order.

MyLuthier is the UK's leading Dealer of high-quality contemporary violins, violas, cellos and bows.

Dealers in Contemporary Stringed Instruments

Meet Pedro & Ariel

Started by Violinist Ariel Lang and Cellist Pedro Silva while studying at the Royal Academy of Music in London.
Our mission is to provide musicians with exceptional musical instruments and bows at a fair price.

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