Our Trade In Guarantee

Our innovative Trade In Guarantee was designed with players in mind. We want to make you more confident about your choices by allowing you to find your perfect instrument at any stage of your journey!

  • 100% Trade In Value Towards a New MyLuthier Instrument
  • No Need to Resell Your Old MyLuthier Instrument
  • Access a Collection of the World's Best Makers
  • Hassle-free upgrades
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“Try to consign your instrument at a local violin shop, and you will realize how nice this is.
I don’t know if we will ever trade in this particular violin, since it’s so good already, but definitely a nice option to have in case something better shows up down the road.”

Michael Choi

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violin trade in

100% Trade In Value

Any player who purchases an eligible MyLuthier collection instrument can be credited its full value towards the purchase of another MyLuthier Collection instrument in the future!

violin in a case

No Need Resell Your Old Instrument

Instantly upgrade your instrument without the need to wait for your old one to sell!
If you fall in love with a new instrument down the line, you can exchange it on the spot!

violin maker

World's Best Makers Available at Your Fingertips

We are proud to work with some of the best makers in the world. MyLuthier regularly commissions instruments from top makers to ensure our selection is always of the highest caliber.
Taking advantage of our Trade In Guarantee will give you access to these masterpieces as they are crafted.


With you at Every Stage of Your Journey

Don't feel constrained by your budget! Feel secure in the knowledge that you can easily upgrade as you develop, so you don't feel committed to one instrument for life.

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The original purchaser of a MyLuthier Collection Instrument. Only instruments of the same category can be swapped (e.g. a violin can only be swapped for another violin) Collection instruments are clearly labelled in their instrument page on our website.

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Instrument Condition

Subject to a condition assessment (instrument must be in original condition, barring any reasonable wear & tear)

What if my instrument is damaged?

Substantial damage or modifications which affects the value of the instrument will be deducted. MyLuthier holds the right to refuse the trade in such circumstances.

How often can I swap?

Trade ins are limited to once per year, per instrument.

Can I swap for an instrument of any value?

In then event of a trade in for an instrument of greater value, the Customer agrees to pay any difference in value plus applicable taxes. In the event of a trade in for an instrument of lesser value, MyLuthier will not be able to cover the difference, either in store credit or cash refund.

Can I trade In an Instrument not purchased from MyLuthier?

In most cases, we are unable to provide this benefit to instruments not originally acquired through MyLuthier. However, individual cases will be considered for instruments of exceptional value.

Can you ship a trade in instrument?

Unfortunately, we are unable to ship instruments for trade in purposes. We encourage you to visit us and try them for yourself at our London showroom!