What are the benefits of a contemporary viola?

High-quality contemporary violas offer many benefits over traditional ones. For one, they are typically in perfect condition, as there is no need for restoration work. They are also easier to maintain, cheaper to insure and more reliable across different climates and storage conditions. Additionally, there are many benefits to having a relationship with a living maker - from lifetime maintenance to guaranteed authenticity. This is important, as it ensures the quality of the instrument and protects your investment.

Many musicians are choosing to play on new violas these days. Not only for their comparatively lower cost but also for the opportunity to acquire a beautiful piece of history!

For this reason, new violins from the best living viola makers are increasingly well-known throughout the world, particularly in the United Kingdom.

Played on by young soloists, chamber musicians and orchestral players, it’s this versatility that is making them universally liked among musicians and collectors.