Akop Azoyan

Russian/Armenian | Based in Cremona, Italy

Akop Azoyan is a second-generation violin maker based in the heart of Cremona. Born into a musical family, he graduated from the renowned Violin Making School of Cremona. With a limited number of instruments produced each year, Akop values both aesthetics and acoustical qualities in his work. Inspired by the great old Cremonese authors, he meticulously crafts violins that embody tradition and innovation.

An integral part of Akop's work revolves around his extensive research on varnishes, grounds, and techniques employed by the old Cremonese masters. By delving into the rich history of violin making and studying the methods employed by renowned craftsmen, he strives to capture the essence and replicate the exceptional qualities found in these timeless instruments.

In addition to his dedication to historical techniques, Akop pays meticulous attention to the choice and quality of wood he uses. Understanding that the selection of wood is a crucial factor in the sound and resonance of a violin, he sources and carefully handpicks the finest materials.

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Akop Azoyan

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Violin by Akop Azoyan, 2023 "Baltic" Guarneri del Gesu
No Longer Available

Violin by Akop Azoyan, 2023 "Baltic" Guarneri del Gesu

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