Benjamin Molinaro

French | Based in Paris, France

Benjamin Molinaro is a French luthier based in Montreuil, France. After receiving training in Newark and gaining work experience in the United Kingdom and France, Molinaro spent a number of years working in Bernard Sabatier's workshop on Rue de Rome in Paris. During this period, Molinaro developed a novel approach to the craft of violin making, which led him to devote his career to the art full-time.

Benjamin draws inspiration from the exceptional works of the renowned Italian craftsmen, but he prides himself on defining his own unique style and designing his own models. Since 2019, he has operated his own workshop in Montreuil, a suburb of Paris, where he specializes in crafting violins, violas, and cellos.

One of Molinaro's recent works, a cello, was selected as a semi-finalist in the inaugural International Cello Competition held in Paris.

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Benjamin Molinaro

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Cello by Benjamin Molinaro, Paris 2022
No Longer Available

Cello by Benjamin Molinaro, Paris 2022

Benjamin Molinaro is a talented maker based in Paris, France. His latest cello, inspired by Giuseppe Guarneri 'filius Andreæ', immediately draws the listener in with it's warm and balanced sound. In keeping with Molinaro's innovative approach to instrument-making, this cello has its own distinctive features that set it apart from traditional Guarneri designs. Molinaro has incorporated his own unique style into the instrument, resulting in an instrument full of character that blends the best of the old and the new. A great find at this price range!

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