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Sing Him Wong, born in 1993 in Belgium, is a skilled violin maker at MyLuthier in London. He started as a violin and cello player but his pursuit of the perfect sound led him to violin-making. A graduate with merit from ILSA Antwerpen, where he studied under Anton Sommer and Erick Buys, Sing Him combines his musicianship with expert craftsmanship to create instruments that truly resonate. At MyLuthier, he continues his dedication to excellence in both sound design & restoration.

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Sing Him Wong

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Violin by Sing Him Wong, Antwerp 2020
No Longer Available

Violin by Sing Him Wong, Antwerp 2020

We first met Sing Him when he came to one of our events in London. He showed us this violin and we were immediately taken aback with how impressive it was. Both the craftsmanship and the sound were superb, especially for such a young maker. Sing Him is now our in-house restorer and luthier. The violin sounds powerful, yet sweet and balanced. The player will seamlessly change strings and registers with ease and the response is fantastic! A stunning sound reminiscent of the old Cremonese masters. Very hard to beat at this price range.

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