Yann Besson

French | Based in Les Essards, France

Yann Besson, a French national, born in 1976, started his apprenticeship as a violin and viola maker at the French National Violin Making School of Mirecourt in 1991. After graduating in 1996 with a rarely given distinction, Yann has worked in a number of workshops across the world. This prompted him to develop his own personal style of making and eventually led to him setting up his own full-time violin and viola making business in 2002. His instruments are now played by international artists.

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Yann Besson

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Viola by Yann Besson, 2018
No Longer Available

Viola by Yann Besson, 2018

A very nice viola, made by Master Luthier Besson. This viola sounds wonderful in all registers and projects with ease. It has a great depth of sound and a rich quality that makes it very versatile, in chamber music, orchestra or solo playing. This viola comes certified by the luthier.

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