MyLuthier Maker Feature: Marco Cargnelutti

For the first of our maker features, we're introducing Marco Cargnelutti, violin maker from Udine, Italy.

He is a very promising young violin maker in Italy crafting some wonderful instruments. Unlike many of his colleagues, he is not based in Cremona, but works instead in the town of Gemona del Friuli near Venice. From there he builds wonderful sounding violins in the style of the great Davide Sora both visually and acoustically.

In Marco's Words:

Before going to Cremona and learning violin making I studied electronics in high school, and that gave me quite a scientific approach to problems. I learned to change a detail at a time and see what happens next. I tried to replicate this approach as soon as I knew something about free plate modes, and with that in mind I noted down the eigenmodes' frequencies for late comparison.

marco cargnelutti

I started doing this with the first violin I made all by myself, in 2009, even if at that time I didn't know well what I was doing. I studied many papers by Carleen Hutchins, Nigel Harris, Erik Jansson, Edward Campbell, Martin Schleske, and others. In other words, I took all the info I found on the internet about violin acoustics and chose to replicate what made sense to me. The results started to come out, and the data I collected helped me improve my work even more.

I found that not all the methods by the authors above suited my taste, so I "mixed" them and developed my personal method. Of course there are still unpredictable details that make every instrument different from each other, but in my opinion it's exactly as it's supposed to be!

cargnelutti violin
Violin by Marco Cargnelutti, 2020

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About the Author

Ariel Lang is a Violinist and one of the Co-Founders of He studied with Jack Liebeck at the Royal Academy of Music. As a freelance musician, he focuses on performing with small chamber ensembles such as the United Strings of Europe and O/Modernt.

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