Modern-day Masterpieces

Instruments Selected by Musicians, for Musicians

MyLuthier was started by two players from the Royal Academy of Music with the aim of making it easier for musicians to find exceptional instruments at a price they can afford.
Everything we have in our showroom is selected based on sound, playability and craftsmanship. All of our instruments are rigorously tested and approached from a musician’s perspective.
ariel lang
Ariel Lang
Violinist & Founder
Having graduated with a Master’s degree from the Royal Academy of Music, studying with Jack Liebeck in 2016, Ariel has since specialised in chamber ensembles and string orchestras.
pedro silva
Pedro Silva
Cellist & Founder
Pedro graduated from the Royal Academy of Music in 2018 with a Master of Arts in cello performance, studying with Guy Johnston. He enjoys a varied freelance career as an orchestral, chamber musician and frequently collaborates with Early Music ensembles and West End productions.

Without a doubt, contemporary instruments are the best option for today’s musicians.

Modern-day Masterpieces

Finest Collection of Contemporary Instruments

We are proud to feature Fine Violins, Violas and Cellos by today's greatest instrument makers.
Violin by Joseph Curtin, 2021
United States
Violin by Stefan-Peter Greiner, 2021
United Kingdom
Cello by Paolo Vettori, 2022
Violin by Scrolavezza & Zanrè, 2022
Cello by Francesco Toto, 2017
The Logical Way Forward

Supporting Young Artists

If you are considering supporting young talent through the acquisition of fine string instruments, contemporary violins, violas & cellos are the logical option.

New Golden Age of Violin Making

We are living through a golden age of violin making. The sound of the best contemporary instruments is equal to, or even surpasses that of the old masterpieces. (learn more)

Help More Players

For the cost of one old Italian instrument, you can make an impact on the lives of many deserving players whilst supporting talented living makers.

Viable Asset Class

Much like contemporary art, fine contemporary instruments from reputable luthiers have shown to be a viable asset class with impressive historical returns.

Guaranteed Condition & Authenticity

Eliminate uncertainty surrounding authentication and condition by opting for a contemporary instrument.
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