Benoit Bonten

French | Based in Livinhac-le-Haut, France

Passionate about music, I first started getting interested in violin making when I was in Buenos Aires in 2001. I spent most of my time in the workshop of Omar Nigrelli, under whose tutelage I first started studying restoration and subsequently violin making. In 2008, I became the assistant of Gonzalo Bayol, a string instrument maker in Santiago de Compostela. I am now in my own workshop in Aveyron, and I specialise in violas and cellos.

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Benoit Bonten

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Viola by Benoit Bonten, 2019
No Longer Available

Viola by Benoit Bonten, 2019

A beautifully crafted viola, made by Master Luthier Bonten in his workshop in France. The body length is 40,5 cm (16 inches) and well suited to violists of all sizes. It has a beautiful tone and incredible projection for its size. Suited for a soloist or chamber player. This viola comes certified by the Luthier.

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