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In the making of new instruments I follow the classical Italian violin making tradition (cremonese, venetian, brescian, ...).A. Stradivari's designs are the most commonly copied among contemporary makers. However there are plenty of other wonderful makers and models to study and to be used as an inspiration. I am constantly looking for better sounding examples to recreate.

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Elina Kaljunen

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Violin by Elina Kaljunen, 2022 Guadagnini Model
No Longer Available

Violin by Elina Kaljunen, 2022 Guadagnini Model

We are very excited to have this stunning 1757 Guadagnini model violin by Elina Kaljunen. She is one of the most talented craftspeople of her generation and the violin is an aesthetic masterpiece. Her instruments are played by reputed musicians all over the world including by some members of the Australian Chamber Orchestra. We are the first dealer in the UK to have one of her instruments. This violin shares many of its characteristics with original Guadagninis such as a bright and focused E string as well as power and richness of sound in the other registers. One of the best antiqued violins we have had, it's definitely one to try in person!

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