Emanuele Curtoni

I began my journey into instrument building in 2015 under the guidance of my teacher, Gabriele Natali. In his workshop, I learned the craft of making both modern instruments and those with an antique finish, inspired by timeless pieces like violins, violas, and cellos.

Today, I'm still working in the same workshop, continually growing under Natali's mentorship. Each day is a mix of honing my skills and deepening my appreciation for the art of instrument making, blending tradition with my own creative touch.

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Emanuele Curtoni

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Violin by Emanuele Curtoni, 2023
No Longer Available

Violin by Emanuele Curtoni, 2023

This is a very impressive violin by young up-and-coming luthier Emanuele Curtoni, who is based in Pistoia, Italy. The craftsmanship showcases his skill and the choice of wood was made very carefully. It boasts a powerful and deep sound. From the G string all the way to the top register, the instrument has wonderful resonance, allowing the player to express themselves freely. The E string is bright and projecting and the overall acoustic profile is certainly capable of handling any repertoire. A very impressive violin, especially at this price.

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