Guido Giardino

Argentinian | Based in Argentina

I trained as a luthier in Cremona, Italy from 2010 to 2013, perfecting my technique in the traditional Cremonese style. I have gained experience working alongside renowned luthiers in Italy, Switzerland and Portugal. Form 2016, I have decided to pursue my own path as luthier by predominantly dedicating myself to the restoration and construction of cellos. My instruments are played by musicians across Switzerland, Italy, Spain, England and Argentina. I am in constant communication with players, closely monitoring the evolution of my instruments.

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Guido Giardino

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Cello by Guido Giardino, 2022
No Longer Available

Cello by Guido Giardino, 2022

The young Argentinian maker Guido Giardino is, in our opinion, someone to watch over the coming years. His quickly developing a reputation as a cello maker, and this particular instrument is perhaps the best one we have tried. There is an impressive clarity of tone throughout the range. The bass is deep and the A string is powerful. A careful setup makes it very easy and comfortable to play. A rare find at this price range!

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