Joseph Curtin

American | Based in Ann Harbour, USA

Joseph Curtin builds instruments to meet your needs in the most demanding musical contexts, from auditions and competitions to solo recitals and concertos. Curtin’s work with Claudia Fritz and Fan Tao has led to three papers on blind-testing violins, published in the Periodical of the National Academy of Sciences. Curtin is a frequent contributor to The Strad and Strings magazines. He has lectured internationally on the art and science of violin-making, including physics colloquia at Stanford, Princeton, and Cornell Universities, and the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics.

Joseph Curtin has built violins for some of the most distinguished artists of our time, including Erick Friedman, Ilya Kaler, Cho-Liang Lin, Elmar Oliveira, Yehudi Menuhin, and Ruggiero Ricci. In 2005, Curtin was awarded a MacArthur Fellowship. In 2013, the “ex-Ricci” Curtin & Alf violin sold in auction for $132,000, a world record price for work by living makers.

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Joseph Curtin

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Violin by Joseph Curtin, 2021
No Longer Available

Violin by Joseph Curtin, 2021

A fine example of Joseph Curtin's work - currently the only instrument by this maker available for sale in the UK. The sound is focused, deep and powerful but retains a very pleasing warm quality throughout the registers. This is one of the rare instruments that is sure to impress with its aesthetics, tone quality and sound projection. Ideally suited for a demanding soloist.

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