"Ultralight" Violin by Curtin Studios, 2023

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We are delighted to introduce the groundbreaking "Ultralight" by Joseph Curtin, an instrument that defines the intersection of innovative engineering and traditional craftsmanship. Weighing less than traditional violins, the Ultralight elevates performance to new heights, with low-density woods and advanced acoustical design enabling a powerful, flexible voice that demands attention. Noteworthy innovations include color-coded micro-mutes for tone adjustment, player-adjustable string heights, and an ergonomic design that provides comfort in high positions. In addition, the Ultralight reduces maintenance needs, making it an ideal choice for the modern musician. We are proud to be the first dealer to offer the Ultralight, giving you an exclusive opportunity to experience this pioneering design.
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Joseph Curtin
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Joseph Curtin

Need to blend in?

Color coded micro-mutes allow you to incrementally mellow the timbre to best fit a particular ensemble, or a particular piece of music, or to simply avoid tiring your ear during long hours of practice.

Player adjustable

You can change the string-heights above the fingerboard by inserting a key into the base of the neck. You can just as equally change the centering of the fingerboard beneath the strings. These and other innovations let you keep your Ultralight in optimal adjustment even when you’re a continent away from the nearest violin shop.

Joseph Curtin

Ultra-low maintenance

The Ultralight is built to resist the kind of damage that is almost inevitable with traditional instruments. The bridge will not warp, nor will the strings dig into their grooves. The fingerboard has an abrasion resistant surface that can be removed and replaced in case of eventual wear. The chinrest assembly does away with the metal clamps that so often damage the top and ribs. Strategically placed veneers prevent the soundpost and bridge from digging into (and eventually cracking) the top. A host of less obvious innovations ensure long-term structural and tonal stability.

Joseph Curtin

Joseph Curtin builds instruments to meet your needs in the most demanding musical contexts, from auditions and competitions to solo recitals and concertos. Curtin’s work with Claudia Fritz and Fan Tao has led to three papers on blind-testing violins, published in the Periodical of the National Academy of Sciences. Curtin is a frequent contributor to The Strad and Strings magazines. He has lectured internationally on the art and science of violin-making, including physics colloquia at Stanford, Princeton, and Cornell Universities, and the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics.

Joseph Curtin has built violins for some of the most distinguished artists of our time, including Erick Friedman, Ilya Kaler, Cho-Liang Lin, Elmar Oliveira, Yehudi Menuhin, and Ruggiero Ricci. In 2005, Curtin was awarded a MacArthur Fellowship. In 2013, the “ex-Ricci” Curtin & Alf violin sold in auction for $132,000, a world record price for work by living makers.

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Joseph Curtin
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