Pierre Smets

Belgian | Based in Brussels

Pierre Smets concentrates his work on the making of violins, violas and cellos of the finest quality.

In his workshop, based in Brussels, he has the opportunity to explore and experiment the limits of the violin making world.

He is in constant research for the best varnish recipes and making techniques by bringing our past and our future together.

​His close collaboration with Robert Brewer Young, W.E. Hill & Sons and the Livingstone Studio brings him to travel trough several countries for the making of fine string quartet instruments and the maintaining of ancient Cremonese instruments such as Antonio Stradivarius.

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Pierre Smets

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Viola by Pierre Smets, Brussels 2023
No Longer Available

Viola by Pierre Smets, Brussels 2023

Pierre Smets is a talented maker from Belgium, who is quickly gaining an impressive reputation. Some of his clients include orchestral leaders and principal players in Europe. This beautiful and tastefully antiqued viola has a back made from a chestnut tree. This interesting choice of materials makes for a a visually stunning instrument that produces a rich, warm sound with remarkable depth across its range. Certainly a maker to keep an eye on!

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