Stefan-Peter Greiner

German | Based in London, UK

Stefan-Peter Greiner is one of the most acclaimed violin makers of his generation. His instruments are played by some of the world's foremost musicians including Clemens Hagen, Christian Tetzlaff, Leonidas Kavakos, Franz Helmersson and the Alban Berg quartet.

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Stefan-Peter Greiner

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Cello by Stefan-Peter Greiner / Heinrich Dünnwald, 1996
No Longer Available

Cello by Stefan-Peter Greiner / Heinrich Dünnwald, 1996

Between 1992-2010 Stefan-Peter Greiner worked with physicist Dr. Heinrich Dünnwald analysing over 1000 instruments. They produced the first tomographic study of Stradivari and analysed the components of old Cremonese varnish. This instrument is a result of their collaboration and was expertly crafted under Greiner's supervision. The sound is wide and powerful, with a particularly impressive A string. It responds very well to the player's input and would be best suited for solo or chamber music playing. It comes certified by Stefan-Peter Greiner.

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