Instrument Funding Resources in the UK in 2021 – 8 Useful Resources

Instrument Funding Resources in the UK for Musicians in 2021. Find Information on Grants and Loans and Organisations that provide Funding!

Instrument Funding

We believe every musician should be able to afford an amazing instrument. This is our guide with advice and links to external funding resources dedicated to facilitating the purchase of a musical instrument. Check out our article on How Much Should I Spend on a Violin? before looking for Instrument Funding Resources

Types of Funding

instrument funding

1. Grants

These sources of funding are some of the most sought-after amongst young musicians. As the name suggest, the money you receive from these funding bodies does not need to be repaid. This vastly increases demand for them and there are therefore eligibility criteria that must be met before you can apply.

If you are eligible for them, they can be incredibly helpful when looking to buy an instrument. They can allow your budget to include higher quality instruments than you would originally look for. They can also help you reach your dream instrument’s asking price, should your budget be just a little shy of the full amount.

Some grants specialise in children up to the age 17 such as the Future Talent and the Awards for Young Musicians.

Others, like the EMI Music Foundation and the RPS Instrument Purchase Grant are for full-time students in music education.

The Loan Fund for Musical Instruments gives out grants up until 2 years after completion of your studies.

2. 0% Interest and Low Interest Loans

There are many places that provide loans for musical instrument purchases at very low interest rates. Some even provide interest free credit!

Countess of Munster Musical Trust provides interest free loans which can be paid back in up to 12 years. They have strict requirements but, should you be eligible, it is definitely worth considering. It can go a long way in helping you acquire the instrument you want.

Creative United – Take It Away partners with select music shops all over the UK to provide interest free credit to musicians seeking to purchase an instrument. They also offer Arts Council subsidised loans if you are eligible.

The Loan Fund for Musical Instruments can offer loans to musicians up to the age of 36 at very low interest rates.

This type of funding is ideal if you’re a young musician finishing or having recently finished your studies. They enable you to afford a high quality instrument, making it possible for you to embark on your professional career with the best possible tools at your disposal.

3. Regular Loan Providers

Many musicians also opt for regular loan providers such as banks and other credit institutions. While very useful, it may be harder to obtain a loan as a student or a freelance musician. Banks tend to have quite strict requirements such as regular income, high deposit, etc. They also have very variable interest rates so if you’re interested in this source of funding, it’s advisable to contact your bank and ask them what type of loan they could offer you.  

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