Ordering Through MyLuthier

Whether you have a particular luthier in mind or unique specifications for your instrument, MyLuthier is equipped to cater to those bespoke needs, when it comes to placing an advance order.

While we always encourage musicians to explore our curated selection of instruments available for immediate purchase, we understand that individual preferences and specific requirements can vary.

Finding the ideal violin, viola, or cello can be challenging, often involving long wait times and delivery uncertainties. MyLuthier simplifies this process, ensuring you get outstanding instruments without the hassle.

Why Order Through MyLuthier:

1. Skip the Waiting List: Our special agreements with top luthiers mean you can bypass those lengthy waiting lists. Your dream instrument could be in your hands sooner than you think.

2. Tailored to Your Taste: Not only do we offer exquisite instruments from the best makers in the world, but they're also fully customizable. From specific measurements to wood selection, model, and varnish, every detail can be tailored to your preference.

3. Investment Assurance: With our innovative Trade-in Guarantee, you're not just purchasing an instrument; you're making a long-term investment. As your musical needs evolve, we ensure your instrument can adapt with you. Our guarantee means that if, for any reason, you decide to trade in your instrument for another, MyLuthier stands by the quality of the instruments they offer and ensures that your initial purchase will be considered in the trade. This not only provides peace of mind but also reinforces the commitment MyLuthier has to its customers and the quality of the instruments they curate.

4. Curated Craftsmanship: At MyLuthier, every instrument is a testament to excellence. Handpicked and vetted, we present only the finest for our discerning clientele.

Embark on a Musical Journey

The right instrument can transform your musical experience. With MyLuthier, you're not just getting a string instrument; you're acquiring a piece of artistry.

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About the Author

MyLuthier was started by two friends while they were studying at the Royal Academy of Music in London. The idea was to provide musicians with exceptional instruments at a price they can afford. We travelled Europe in search for the best contemporary makers and we’re proud of our selection and the partnerships we’ve developed.

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