Thomastik-Infeld Workshop Experience

Reveal Your Instruments Full Potential!

Friday, 3rd of November 10am - 5pm

Discover how the right combination can transform your instrument’s performance in just a matter of minutes. Our friends at Thomastik-Infeld are hosting an invaluable workshop that dives deep into the world of strings. This hands-on experience will guide players through the impact of tweaking and balancing sound by carefully choosing for the right combination of strings for their instrument!

Book now a free 30 minute session with an expert from Thomastik-Infeld!

MyLuthier London Showroom
49 Little Britain EC1A 7BH

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MyLuthier Fine Violins

Join Us at our London Showroom

Based in the near the Smithfield Market in the City of London, you'll find a friendly and relaxed atmosphere, perfect for trying our exceptional stringed instrument collection.
Our Address:
49 Little Britain, EC1A 7BH, City of London
myluthier london showroom
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