Alessandro di Matteo

Italian | Based in Cremona, Italy

Alessandro's passion for violin dates back to his childhood, when he began to study this fascinating instrument. After graduating in violin and becoming a violin teacher, between 1984 and 1995 he was the first violin in the symphonic orchestra; at that time he also worked on developing Hi-Fi systems, as he was very interested in studying the secrets of sound.

With the time, he was able to develop a constructive violin theory, inspired by old manuscripts and testimonies and by modem theories on high quality sound. His work is supported by the famous violin maker and musician Alessandro Crylov. From that time on, Alessandro decided to completely devote himself to making stringed instruments and began to attend the Scuola Intenazionale di Liuteria "Antonio Stradivari" (Antonio Stradivari International School) in Cremona. In 1998, after brilliantly graduating, he began to work as a violin maker gaining many important awards in the following years; as of 2001 he is also a teacher at the Antonio Stradivari International School.

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Alessandro di Matteo

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Violin by Alessandro di Matteo, 2010
No Longer Available

Violin by Alessandro di Matteo, 2010

Very fine sounding Guarneri del Gesù Model violin by Cremonese maker Alessandro di Matteo. We are happy to have this violin by Alessandro as he is one of the most meticulous makers in Cremona. The overall characteristics of this violin are power and precision. It makes a very crisp and focused sound and is very easy to play. The E string in particular is reminiscent of the best Del Gesu violins in its projection and sound capabilities.

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