Christophe Landon

French | Based in New York, USA

Christophe Landon, who made his first violin when he was fifteen, is a prize-winning violin maker, restorer, and a world-renound dealer. Landon is equally skilled in violin and bow making, two exacting and different skills. He won the Gold Medal for the sound of his assymetrical viola in 1983 and the first prize in Maurice Vieux competition in 1986.

Landon also buys and sells very fine Italian instruments and rare old French bows. On a non-stop learning course that began at age fifteen, the luthier spent his summer vacations at the Mirecourt School in France and apprenticed, interned, and was tutored in some of the most revered workshops and ateliers in the world: Jean-Jacques Pages in Mirecourt, Max Möller in Amsterdam, Stephane Tomachot in Paris.

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Christophe Landon

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Cello by Christophe Landon, 2008 "Braga" Stradivarius Bench Copy
No Longer Available

Cello by Christophe Landon, 2008 "Braga" Stradivarius Bench Copy

Very fine bench copy of the Braga Stradivarius cello, commissioned by Myung Wha Chung who plays on the original instrument. Being a Forma B Piccola Strad Model, it is very comfortable to play and would be suited to a player looking for a smaller cello. The sound is refined and distinguished.

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