Lorenzo Cassi

Italian | Based in Cremona, Italy

Lorenzo's work is refined and elegant and he seeks to reinterpret the models of the classic Cremonese makers such as Antonio Stradivari, Giuseppe Guarneri del Gesù and Nicolò Amati as well as the models of the Brescians such as Gasparo da Salò, and that of the Venetians such as Domenico Montagnana.

He continually searches to create instruments with a sound which is powerful and rich in harmonics coupled with aesthetics which are well proportioned and elegant. His instruments all bear the mark of his distinct personality and reflect his passion for his craft.

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Lorenzo Cassi

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Violin by Lorenzo Cassi, 2021
No Longer Available

Violin by Lorenzo Cassi, 2021

A unique and stunning Stradivarius model violin by master luthier Lorenzo Cassi. Certainly one of the most eye-catching new looking violins in our collection. The sound is brilliant, projecting with a very pleasing overtone signature. The term "Italian sound" is often overused but we think it applies particularly well in this case.

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