4 of our Most Remarkable Violins Between £20,000 and £30,000

Here are some of our favourite high-quality violins at this price range. These are by makers that we have worked with for years and selected by musicians for their playing qualities and distinctive tone.

We previously wrote about our most impressive violins under £15,000 but we now want to tackle a slightly higher price range: £20,000 to £30,000.

This is actually quite a sweet spot in the world of contemporary instrument making and makers who command these prices have usually established themselves as masters among not only their peers but musicians as well.

The reason this is one of our favourite price ranges is that the instruments are almost always outstanding but the price hasn't yet increased even higher due to demand. This means that as a buyer, you usually get all the perks of a great violin without having to pay an extra premium.

If your budget allows, we strongly encourage you to try violins in this range. You won't be disappointed!

Here is a selection of makers that we feel best represent this range:

  • Gonzalo Bayolo
  • Daniele Tonarelli
  • Edgar Russ
  • Roger Hansell

Violin by Gonzalo Bayolo, 2019

violin 30000

Gonzalo Bayolo is one of the most exceptional makers in Spain. This violin, a true masterpiece, is perfectly representative of his work. This violin not only has a beautiful tone, it has the power to match! 

Violin by Daniele Tonarelli, 2020

daniele tonarelli

This beautiful Guadagnini model has a unique sound. It is powerful and piercing and its sound will carry easily in a concert hall. It's a versatile violin and will also allow its player to blend with other musicians with ease.

Violin by Edgar Russ, 2015

edgar russ

A true soloist's violin, this is a piercing a powerful instrument. The E string sings beautifully and the G has an ample and strong tone. Edgar Russ, renowned maker from Cremona has excelled and this is a stunning example of his work.

Violin by Roger Hansell, 2020

violin 20000

This Guarneri model by Roger Hansell is a very interesting violin. It mimics the dark and brooding character of the original violin it is based on, the ex-Ysayer Guarneri. It has a rich and velvety sound, like melted chocolate, and is sure to match what the player puts in.

About the Author

Ariel Lang is a Violinist and one of the Co-Founders of MyLuthier.co. He studied with Jack Liebeck at the Royal Academy of Music. As a freelance musician, he focuses on performing with small chamber ensembles such as the United Strings of Europe and O/Modernt.

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