Maurizio Tadioli

Born in Cremona, Italy, on September 16, 1967, Maurizio Tadioli honed his violin-making skills under his grandfather, Carlo Pizzamiglio, a self-taught luthier. Excelling at the Scuola Internazionale di Liuteria in Cremona, he graduated in 1985 with top marks. Tadioli's instruments, influenced by classical Cremonese and other regional Italian styles, have earned numerous awards, including the gold medal at the Bagnacavallo Concorso Giovani Liutai in 1984 and a prestigious prize at the V Triennale di Cremona in 1988.

He has also won the “CONTI BRANCA” special prize for a viola in 1997 and has a baroque piece displayed at the Cremona International Violin Making School museum. Tadioli joined the jury of the International Violin Making Competition in Pisogne in 2010, collaborating with renowned luthiers. A dedicated educator, he teaches at the Violin Making School of Cremona and continues his craft in the nearby village of Cortetano. Additionally, Tadioli is an active musician, participating in various choirs and orchestras in the Cremona area.

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Maurizio Tadioli

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Violin by Maurizio Tadioli, 2002 Cremona
No Longer Available

Violin by Maurizio Tadioli, 2002 Cremona

Maurizio Tadioli is a very accomplished violin maker from Cremona, Italy. Winner of numerous awards, he is well-known for being one of the best antiquers in Italy. His instruments all display stunning craftsmanship and finish. This one has a stunning red-brown varnish, reminiscent of the old masters. The violin has a very warm sound with a very wide range of colours. It has a luscious tone and has the most wonderful pianos. However, when it needs to project, it certainly has power, although it is a more enveloping, round sound, rather than a bright and direct sound. A delightful violin for the discerning player.

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