3 Exceptional Cello Makers to Watch

3 of the Finest Cello Makers Working Today. Find Out Who They Are What Sets Their Cellos Apart!

As more and more players in the UK are realizing the benefits of a choosing a contemporary instrument, we have made a list of some of the finest cello makers to watch out for over the coming years.

We have included cello makers with established reputations outside the United Kingdom as well as up and coming young makers we thing are producing cellos of exceptional quality.

Edgar Russ

cello makers

A familiar name in Cremona, Edgar Russ enjoys an established reputation as one of the best cello makers of his generation. His workshop produces 3 different lines of instruments with varying levels of finish:

  • Master Instruments
  • Linea Macchi
  • Scala Perfecta

His Master Cellos, alongside instruments by his workshop colleagues Mina Mazzolari and Anna Arietti are examples of some of the finest making one can find in Cremona today.

These cellos are full of character and reflect this workshop’s positive working environment. The subtle antiquing and high-quality finishes ensure that the instruments will only look better with time.

Particular care is given to setup and player comfort resulting in cellos of remarkable consistency and tone quality.

Here's an example by Mina Mazzolari from Edgar's workshop

cremona cello
2020 Cello by Mina Mazzolari - Montagnana Copy
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Douglas MacArthur

douglas macarthur

While focusing mainly on violins and violas, Scottish-based Douglas MacArthur produces cellos with painstaking attention to detail.

Based on the classical 16th, 17th and 18th century models, his instruments also incorporate modern features to match the tonal and aesthetic requirements of today’s musicians.

Both new and antique finishes, one of the UK’s most promising makers and definitely one to watch.

Here's an example of Douglas' work

English cello
A Ruggeri Model Cello by Douglas MacArthur
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Lucas Fabro

lucas fabro

Born in Buenos Aires, Lucas Fabro move to Cremona to pursue his dream of instrument making.

With exquisite attention to detail, Lucas crafts cellos full of personality and tone to match. His Rugeri model cello available at MyLuthier is an excellent example of Lucas’ sharp carving antique finishing. He is quickly building a reputation in the UK, gaining in popularity particularly among Conservatoire students in London. We believe he will become one of the finest cello makers in a few years.

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Final thoughts

Many musicians are opting for modern instruments nowadays not only for their cost but also for opportunity to own a great instrument.

Instruments by these makers are gaining recognition worldwide but particularly in the UK.

Played on by young soloists, chamber musicians and orchestral players, it’s this versatility that is making them universally liked among musicians.

About MyLuthier

MyLuthier was started by two friends while they were studying at the Royal Academy of Music in London.

The idea was to provide musicians with the best instruments at a price they can afford.

We travelled Europe in search for exceptional cello makers and we’re proud of our selection and the partnerships we’ve developed.

This means that all of our instruments are rigorously tested and we approach them from a musician’s perspective.

Without a doubt, contemporary instruments are one of the best options for today’s musicians.

About the Author

Pedro Silva is a cellist and one of the co-fourders of Myluthier.co. He graduated from the Royal Academy of Music in 2018 with a Master of Arts in cello performance, studying with Guy Johnston. He enjoys an varied freelance career as an orchestral, chamber musician and frequently collaborates with Early Music ensembles and West End productions.

Pedro Silva
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