5 Outstanding Violin Makers You Should Know About

5 of the Best Violin Makers Working Today. Discover Why Their Instruments Are Highly Sought-After!

In this article, we wanted to feature 5 world-class luthiers. Some of them are still at the dawn of their careers and others are some of the better known violin makers in the world. We thought it would be important to list makers in both of these categories and solely focus on their quality.

The more we try instruments by these makers, the more we are impressed with their output!

  • Joseph Curtin
  • Alessandro di Matteo
  • Edgar Russ
  • Antoni Ruschil
  • Daniele Tonarelli

Joseph Curtin

joseph curtin

Joseph Curtin is one of the biggest names in the violin making world. His name is known to all who know anything about string instruments.

He is an absolutely stunning craftsman and makes some of the best instruments we have ever seen and heard. His instruments compare incredibly favourably to the most prestigious antique violins and have often been preferred in acoustic tests.

Joseph Curtin is constantly innovating, pioneering the largest study ever conducted comparing old and new instruments. He is also now making a new model, called the Ultralight, which allows the musician much more flexibility than a traditional instrument.

Here's an example of Joseph's work

best maker in the world
2021 Violin by Joseph Curtin - Available at MyLuthier
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Alessandro di Matteo

italian violin maker

Alessandro di Matteo is a wonderful violin maker based in Cremona, Italy. From his workshop there, he produces wonderful instruments in true Cremonese fashion.

His use of techniques based on generations of learning allow him to craft very precise and beautiful instruments and the varnish is exquisite.

His violins tend to sound powerful and project extremely well with a nasal quality reminiscent of the old masters.

Here's an outstanding example of Alessandro's work

italian violin
2010 Violin by Alessandro di Matteo - Available at MyLuthier
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Edgar Russ

best violin maker

A household name in Cremona, Edgar Russ is one of the most distinguished makers in Italy. With a very solid track record and excellent instrument appreciation, Edgar has managed to cement himself as one of the premier violin makers to know about.

His instruments are bold and have lots of character. From their aesthetic qualities to their sound profiles, they never disappoint. Edgar makes many different models, from Guarneris to Strads and although each instrument has its own personality, they are all powerful and projecting.

Here's an example of Edgar's work

contemporary violins
2015 Violin by Edgar Russ - Sold
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Antoni Ruschil

best violin makers

Antoni Ruschil is one of the most promising young violin makers in the UK today. After a stint in Florence working for the Vettori family, he set up his shop in London where he makes wonderful violins and cellos.

Antoni prefers to make instruments using his own models rather than making copies of existing models. His violins therefore have a unique twist and are instantly recognizable.

He is constantly experimenting and innovating, from the sound to his choice of materials which makes for very interesting instruments. Usually warm and rich in character, his instruments have quality that few others possess.

Here's an example of Antoni's work

best violins
2021 Violin by Antoni Ruschil 'The Horsley' - Available at MyLuthier
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Daniele Tonarelli

Daniele Tonarelli is one of the most established makers in Cremona, Italy. Working with his young and talented assistant Davide Pizzolato, he makes violins of the highest quality, in terms of sound and craftsmanship.

He makes models ranging from Stradivari to Guarneri and Guadagnini.

He treats every violin with attention and care resulting in all of his instruments being of exceptional quality.

A particularity of his sound is that it will easily project while maintaining an elegance and beauty reminiscent of the old masters.

They are highly regarded all over the world and are favoured by some of today’s young soloists.

Here's an example of Daniele's work

daniele tonarelli
2021 Violin by Daniele Tonarelli - Sold
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Final thoughts

Many musicians are opting for modern instruments nowadays not only for their cost but also for the opportunity to own a great instrument.

For this reason, instruments by these makers are gaining recognition worldwide but particularly in the UK.

Played on by young soloists, chamber musicians and orchestral players, it’s this versatility that is making them universally liked among musicians.

Makers' websites:

About MyLuthier

MyLuthier was started by two friends while they were studying at the Royal Academy of Music in London.

The idea was to provide musicians with the best instruments at a price they can afford.

We travelled Europe in search for exceptional violin makers and we’re proud of our selection and the partnerships we’ve developed.
This means that all of our instruments are rigorously tested and we approach them from a musician’s perspective.

Without a doubt, contemporary instruments are one of the best options for today’s musicians.

About the Author

Ariel Lang is a Violinist and one of the Co-Founders of MyLuthier.co. He studied with Jack Liebeck at the Royal Academy of Music. As a freelance musician, he focuses on performing with small chamber ensembles such as the United Strings of Europe and O/Modernt.

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