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We're proud to offer a comprehensive range of repair services at MyLuthier, designed to meet all your viola repair needs. Our services include varnish retouching, seam regluing, fingerboard adjustment or replacement, crack repair, soundpost adjustment, peg adjustment or replacement, bridge repair or replacement, and new string fitting. Whatever your viola needs, our skilled luthiers have the expertise to help your instrument sound and look its best.
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Keep Your Viola in Top Condition with MyLuthier's Repair Services

london violin repairs

Our team of experienced and highly skilled luthiers are dedicated to helping you restore your beloved instrument to its optimal condition. With a deep understanding of the nuances and intricacies of violas, we strive to deliver repair services that bring out the full potential of your instrument. Whether it's repairing a crack, re-gluing seams, or adjusting the fingerboard, our luthiers have the expertise to help your viola reach its highest potential.

Repair Services include:

  1. New Bridge or Bridge Repair
  2. New Soundpost
  3. New Fingerboard or Fingerboard Repair
  4. Peg Repair or Replacement
  5. Varnish Retouching
  6. String Fitting
  7. Crack Repair
  8. Regluing of Seams

Our skilled luthiers at MyLuthier can expertly repair any cracks or splits that your viola may have suffered. Using the latest techniques and high-quality materials, we ensure that your viola is restored to its original condition with precision and care.

In addition to crack and split repairs, we also offer regluing of seams as another service. Over time, the seams of your viola may start to come apart, but our expert luthiers can expertly re-glue them to ensure a tight and secure fit.

At MyLuthier, we're committed to delivering the highest quality repair services for your viola. Our team of expert luthiers has years of experience working with violas of all kinds, from antique instruments to modern masterpieces. Contact us today to learn more about our services and to schedule an appointment with one of our skilled luthiers.

professional violin cleaning

Viola Assessment, Repair & Restoration in London

Exceptional Service and Quality Craftsmanship

At MyLuthier, our team of skilled luthiers has amassed years of experience working with violas of all makes and models - from antique instruments to modern masterpieces. Using only the highest quality materials and techniques, we're committed to delivering repair services that meet the highest possible standards. Whether it's a minor adjustment or a major repair, you can trust MyLuthier to deliver the exceptional service and craftsmanship that your instrument deserves.

We Treat each Instrument with a Unique Approach

At MyLuthier, we hold the belief that every viola is unique and deserves to be treated with the utmost care and respect. Our approach to repair is rooted in a deep understanding of each instrument's distinct characteristics and nuances. Our experienced luthiers take the time to assess the condition of your viola and determine the most effective course of action to restore it to its optimal condition.

49 Little Britain

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What our players say

I am absolutely delighted with my new violin and with the help that Ariel at MyLuthier gave me in finding it.

Helen Fiernley
Google Review

I thought I would never find a modern instrument that would compare to my Andrea Guarneri, but Ariel and Pedro had just such a violin! I love playing on it, and I know it will continue to develop.

Amyn Merchant
Leader of Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra

I bought a beautiful Fiorella Anelli violin from MyLuthier in May 2021. The whole experience was excellent (...) They gave me the space to make my own decisions, did not push a particular instrument, and there was no pressure to buy.

John C
Google Review

Outstanding support and service from Pedro and Ariel at MyLuthier. Wonderful instruments at reasonable prices and delivery was spot on.  Thank you so much!!

Rob Tinnion
Google Review

Great place for quality instruments at affordable price! Super friendly and helpful staff too! Will definitely go back for more! 🎻

From the moment I contacted MyLuthier, the whole experience of choosing a cello has been a pleasure.

Thomas White
Google Review

My gold mounted cello bow by Emilio Slaviero plays beautifully and was sold to me by MyLuthier at a keen price. I use the bow for most of my professional work here in London.

Justin Pearson
Managing Director of the National Symphony Orchestra of Great Britain

I cannot overstate what a pleasure it was to work with Ariel Lang in buying my violin!  From the moment I accessed the MyLuthier website, he worked with me online and through video streaming to help me choose the absolute perfect instrument to meet my needs.

Craig Hurwitz
Google Review

Overall, both Ariel and Pedro made instrument shopping an enjoyable process and I would highly recommend them if you are looking for your next instrument.

Google Review
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