9 Best Violin Shops in London as Reviewed by Musicians

Are you looking for the best violin shops in London? If yes, then you've come to the right place. In this article, I'll give you some information about the best violin shops in London, their services, and prices.

Buying a Violin

The process of buying an instrument can seem daunting at first and it can be hard to know where to start. We have written many articles that will help guide you through this process so it's definitely worth checking them out (Buying a Violin as an Investment, How to Choose a Violin, Buying a Violin Should be easy).

Luckily, once you have determined your needs, budget and type of instrument you are looking for, that are many violin shops in London that cater to different types of clients!

1. MyLuthier

myluthier violin shop

 MyLuthier is the UK's leading dealer of high quality contemporary musical instruments. Our collection features Fine Violins, Violas and Cellos by today's greatest instrument makers.

MyLuthier was started by two players from the Royal Academy of Music with the aim of making it easier for musicians to find exceptional instruments at a price they can afford.

MyLuthier Instruments are hand selected by musicians

violin dealers in london

Everything we have in our showroom is selected based on sound, playability and craftsmanship. All of our instruments are rigorously tested and approached from a musician’s perspective.

We believe that every musician deserves access to high-quality instruments. That’s why we strive to deliver only the finest violins and bows to our clients. We want to ensure that they get the best value for their money.

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Trade-In Guarantee

Our innovative Trade In Guarantee was designed with players in mind. We want to make you more confident about your choices by allowing you to find your perfect instrument at any stage of your journey!

  • 100% Trade In Value Towards a New MyLuthier Instrument
  • No Need to Resell Your Old MyLuthier Instrument
  • Access a Collection of the World's Best Makers
  • Hassle-free upgrades

Advantages of buying a MyLuthier Contemporary Violin

violins for sale london

New Golden-Age of Violin making

We are living through a golden age of violin making. The sound of the best contemporary instruments is equal to, or even surpasses that of the old masterpieces. (learn more)

Guaranteed Condition & Authenticity

Eliminate uncertainty surrounding authentication and condition by opting for a contemporary instrument.

Online or In-Person

Or Team Will Guide You Through The Selection Process and Ensure You Choose an Instrument You'll Be Happy With for Years!

Viable Asset Class

Much like contemporary art, fine contemporary instruments from reputable luthiers have shown to be a viable asset class with impressive historical returns.

Trusted by Professionals, Students and Enthusiasts

MyLuthier has been trusted by professionals, students and enthusiasts since its inception. Our clients range from professional musicians and orchestral leaders, to college students and serious amateurs. Our selection of instruments ranges between £5,000 - £100,000. 

All in all, we are proud to be one of the most trusted violin shops in London.


best violin shops in london

Every instrument is available for trial at our beautiful central London showroom.
Based in the near the Smithfield Marker in the City of London, you'll find a friendly and relaxed atmosphere, perfect for trying our exceptional stringed instrument collection.

49 Little Britain

Phone number +44 330 133 4225

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Services provided by MyLuthier

Wide Range of Fine Violin, Violas, Cellos & Bows; Sound Adjustments; Repair Services; Violin Expertise; Instrument Passport; Bow Rehairs; Bow Repair Services.

2. J & A Beare

beares violins


J & A Beare is one of the best-known dealers of fine antique instruments. They are known for many notable sales of instruments from makers such as Antonio Stradivari and Guarneri del Gesu. In 2011, they established the Beare's International Violin Society which connects collectors to young musicians with the aim of loaning instruments to these deserving young artists. They provide certification, repair and rehair services.

30 Queen Anne St, London W1G 8HX

3. Bridgewood & Neitzert


A well-known violin shop in North London, Bridgewood & Neitzert provide instruments for all types of string players. In additional to classical string instruments, they have electric instruments as well as baroque violins, violas and cellos. They offer valuations, appraisals, repair and restoration services.

146 Stoke Newington Church St, London N16 0JU

4. Stringers London

stringers violins

After opening in 1992 in Edinburgh, Stringers opened a second location in London. They provide vast amounts of violin, viola and cello outfits in every size from 1/32nd to full size and their pricing starts around £165. They offer many accessories and musical instrument cases from an array of brands.

99 Lisson Grove, London NW1 6UP

5. Florian Leonhard

florian violins

Florian Leonhard Fine Violins was established in 1995 in London. They deal mainly in antique instruments, having led some important sales of fine Italian violins. They count among their clients musicians such as Leonidas Kavakos, Maxim Vengerov, etc. They are well known for having completed well-known restoration projects.

3 Frognal Ln, London NW3 7DY

6. JP Guivier

guivier violins

JP Guivier is one of the oldest violin shops in London. They are well known for providing repair and rehair services as well as providing a comprehensive list of cases and musical instrument accessories.

99 Mortimer St, London W1W 7SX

7. Tarisio Auctions

tarisio auctions

Tarisio is the most prominent auction house for stringed instruments. They are based in London, the USA as well as Berlin, Germany and have many auctions a year featuring fine antique instruments. They also have a division called T2, which is geared towards tradespeople and feature instruments in need of a large amount of restoration. They recently sold some very prestigious instruments by Antonio Stradivarius.

86-87 Wimpole St, London W1G 9RL

8. Ingles & Hayday

ingles auctions

Another prominent London-based auction house, Ingles & Hayday was founded by Tim Ingles & Paul Hayday. They are known for their work in auctioning high value antique Cremonese instruments as well as their experience and knowledge in this field. They are closely linked to Sothebys Auctions. 

77 Great Titchfield St., London W1W 6RF

9. Ruschil & Bailly

ruschil violins

From his cozy home-workshop in North London, violin maker Antoni Ruschil specialises in restoration and sound adjustments. He works on many types of instruments, ranging from student outfits to higher-end violins, violas and cellos. Antoni generously provides free sound adjustments to London musicians. He also provides bespoke accessories such as chinrests, tailpieces and pegs.

35 Fairfield Gardens, London N8 9DD

Best Violin Shop in London

  1. MyLuthier
  2. J & a Beare
  3. Bridgewood & Nietzert
  4. Stringers London
  5. Florian Leonard
  6. JP Guivier
  7. Tarisio Auctions
  8. Ingles & Hayday
  9. Ruschil & Baily

Try our Collection of Fine Contemporary Violins

If you are interested in trying MyLuthier's extensive collection of fine contemporary instruments, feel free to contact us. 

We would be delighted to assist you in finding your perfect violin! 

Past clients range from professional musicians, students, music enthusiasts and soloists. Whether you are looking for your first serious instrument or your forever violin, we have an instrument for everyone. 

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